About Us Conversion of PIO Card to OCI Card

Issue of new PIO card has been discontinued and all PIO card holders with valid PIO cards as on 9 January, 2015 are deemed to be OCI card holders. Existing PIO card holders are entitled to convert their PIO cards to OCI cards free of charge. As OCI card carries more benefits than PIO card and conversion is free, existing PIO card holders are advised to avail of the facility. Please follow the link below to apply for conversion of PIO card to OCI card https://passport.gov.in/oci/capchaActionPIO. The deadline for conversion of PIO card to OCI card has been extended to 30 June, 2016.

The conversion, however, is not mandatory. Existing PIO card holders would continue to enjoy the benefits of their PIO cards till their expiry, if they prefer to retain their PIO cards without converting to OCI cards.